Netflix Review: The Fourth Kind

August 28, 2015

Film | by James Joseph

The Fourth Kind tries to work on a pretence of ‘based on a true story’. It gets so wrapped up in this claim alone, that it squanders its biggest asset; Milla Jovovich.

We’re huge fans of Milla Jovovich here at Stylenoir, so when we heard The Fourth Kind has her as the main part, clearly it was a must watch, but from the first second we realised nothing would be what it seemed.

Milla is an incredible actress, and quite frankly she should be allowed to do her job. Instead, the first minute of the movie is her reading to camera out of character:

“I’m actress Milla Jovovich, and I will be portraying Doctor Abigail Tyler. This film is a dramatisation of events that occurred…”

They even put a side by side image up during this statement, so that you, the idiotic viewer will know the difference between the superstar actress, and the actress (Charlotte Milchard) in the ‘real footage’. It’s irritating, condescending, and would be much more gripping if they let Milla tell the story through her best talent; acting.

If we manage to gloss over the above the film is watchable. Think of ‘paranormal’ but with Aliens, and on steroids. The jump scares, effects and ‘encounters’ are well done, if you like that kind of thing.

Still, we’re sulking over Milla and the fact the film doesn’t think you can Google the names of actors to discredit any ‘conspiracy’ or ‘truth’ claims.