The Million

October 13, 2015

Fashion | by James Joseph

Today Stylenoir’s website hit the million user mark. That means a colossal one million of you have visited Stylenoir, and we couldn’t be more thankful! To some of you who work in web you’ll know it can be seen as a far from significant number, but when Stylenoir started out I never thought it would reach even close to what it has today, with such a niche in culture. Hell, we even launched a biannual print magazine in the process, now in its fifth issue.

In web we sometimes lose context on just what that audience is. If we were a religion, we could fill the Vatican’s cathedral seventeen times over. That’s twelve of the Olympic stadium or fifty of the London 02 Arena.

To reflect on this moment, we’ve pulled Stylenoir staff and contributors together to tell us just what Stylenoir means to them:

james joseph stylenoirJames Joseph
Editor In Chief

“Each and every one of us sees darkness and the macabre in a different light, and both darkness and death can embody any one of those; whether friend, foe, trickster or helper. I hope Stylenoir editorials can translate that for the modern world and to continue that journey with a bunch of incredible individuals.”

Merry PhillipsMerry Phillips
Creative Director

“Stylenoir is, above all else, a place for expression of creativity and artistic freedom; it provides creatives with a platform for expression and enables like minded people to connect across the globe. To me, Stylenoir provides an outlet for any unusual and darker creative ideas, and it gives me the privilege of being in the position where I can help others achieve exactly that.The beauty of Stylenoir is that it gives often isolated individuals the platform to become part of a connected community and an opportunity to become party of the family that is the Stylenoir Army.”

suzie streetSuzie Street
Fashion Features Editor

“Stylenoir provides me with an incredible creative platform in which I can create the wild and unruly ideas that are swimming around my brain. A stage where nothing is too dark, nothing is too strange a place where I have complete freedom of expression.”

floriana serani stylenoirFloriana Serani
Founder @ Blackblessed / Contributor

“All of us wanted to show to the world dark style from a new perspective: contemporary, sophisticated and fresh This magazine comes from the efforts of individual minds that are here together with the purpose of sharing and spreading the vision of a modern dark aesthetic and culture.”

lydia pang stylenoir Lydia Pang
Commissions Director @ Anomaly NY / Contributor

“Stylenoir isn’t a magazine, it’s a movement and a feeling. It’s a celebration of the beauty of darkness, cloaked in modesty, intelligence and sexy as hell. Do you remember when you first discovered your inner darkness? That moment. You feel like the earth shudders for you, you let them stare, you shout your ideas, you know your crew, you know sounds, you know your style, you are home. You feel invincible, because you are. Yeah, it’s that.”


Thanks to all of you! Thats 1,000,000 users, 2,600,000 page views, and one amazing group of people that have grown Stylenoir into what it is today.