The Stylenoir Top 10 Creatives 2015 Chosen By Readers

October 11, 2015

Fashion | by James Joseph

Each year we look at who our readers most admired, looked at and read about, giving an official, definitive guide of the top 10 creatives chosen by Stylenoir readers. In 2014 we saw actress Milla Jovovich top the list again. This year it has been all change, with some welcome surprises. We always find it fascinating just who makes the most read list, and it really does show who has been creating great dark aesthetics for the past year.

So without further ado, here is the top ten, beginning with 10th place:

jay briggs designer
10. Jay Briggs
Bespoke designer, Jay Briggs has gone from strength to strength in 2015. Even creating a capsule collection for Selfridges, and in part to create the infamous Selfridges window displays.

His latest collection ‘Sacred Treason’ for SS15 continues his signature dark vision, and one we absolutely love.

Having appeared in Stylenoir a number of times, and clearly a reader favourite, look out for Jay Briggs in the November print issue of Stylenoir Magazine.

renee ruin
9. Renee Ruin

Renee Ruin is perhaps one of the first and most influential dark culture bloggers to this day. She sits up there with Dirty Flaws, Twisted Lamb and Haute Macabre. Based in Australia, Renee has certainly been the Southern Hemisphere’s dark style voice.

We ran a dark dresser feature on Renee this year and it seems that you all loved it. You can read it here.

tiger orchid

8. Tiger Orchid

Tiger Orchid was one of our dark dressers this year.
A Fakir and Extreme Body Art Performer, Orchid is a true creative that certainly captured the minds of you, our readers. Her life is a fascinating one, and one of experimentation and freedom.

The insight into her aesthetic, love of body art, and how she became enthralled into dark style is certainly an interesting read, which can be found here.

melissa hunter
7. Melissa Hunter

Melissa Hunter stole the show this year with her “Adult Wednesday Addams” character. Unfortunately the Charles Addams estate clearly don’t understand the internet or fans of the Addams family franchise and went legal on Hunter, shutting it down. Quite frankly, it was a despicable move and it certainly doesn’t stop us loving what she created. Some episodes can still be viewed thanks to some youtube users here.

A definitely well earned creative of the year. If you want to read what we think about this amazing talent click here.

Eva Al desnudo street style
6. Eva Al Desnudo

Eva became one of our dark dressers this year, and that article alone has been viewed enough to put her as sixth on this list. But it’s clear that Eva owns her space in the industry, her stunning aesthetic, vision and of course brilliant photography.

The curation and style of her street-style work is second to none, fitting so well with the aesthetic we love so much. You can read her dark dresser article here.

We’re hoping to see more of Eva Al Desnudo in Stylenoir over the coming year, so look out for it!

5. Phoebe English

Phoebe English is going from strength to strength, her rise doesn’t seem to have any indication of slowing. Both her AW15 and SS16 collection just show how talented she is, and certainly showcase what a fantastic creative mind & vision Phoebe has.

Quite frankly Phoebe’s SS16 collection was one of our favourite presentations in quite some time. From the delicately intricate collection, to the presentation forcing the appreciation of her work.

We’re even more excited, as Phoebe will have a full feature in the November print issue of Stylenoir Magazine!

soska sisters
4. Soska Sisters

There’s no surprise you’ve all loved the Soska Sisters. As we’ve stated before, they’re some of the best Horror writers and directors in the film business. Their biggest success to date; American Mary. A masterpiece of horror and writing. They’ve even recently been snapped up by Marvel as writers, which is a truly exciting collaboration. Plus, both sisters are colossal Deadpool fans, so we’d certainly get on.

The two most notable pieces were our American Mary film review and the same film topping our Netflix picks.

3. Saskia De Brauw

Saskia De Brauw is clearly now at supermodel status. Her androgynous look as well as her frequency of editorials with the likes of Josh Olins, has put much of her work in the same aesthetic as Stylenoir. This year you, our readers have clearly given her a lot of attention with viewership placing her third on the list.

Her catwalk appearances, as well as the aforementioned work with photographer Josh Olins are the most read by you, placing her a strong third on the list.

lydia pang fashion goth
2 Lydia Pang

Lydia Pang scores a monstrous second place, her London Fashion Week coverage in February was one of the most viewed features of the year. Which isn’t a surprise due to her charismatic writing and social media for Stylenoir during the AW15 week. Even including a specially designed live blog for the five days during Autumn Winter 15 collections.

Having now moved to New York, perhaps we’ll have to bring her back for a NYFW correspondent next year. You can read some of her LFW coverage here.

1 Lindsay Lohan

For the first time in three years Milla Jovovich doesn’t take the top spot, beaten by 50% by Lindsay Lohan. Clearly Lohan’s rebel attitude and neo-noir editorials have won over readers. Lohan has continued to create some classic aesthetics, such as the Monroe homage, and film noir styled Playboy spread.