Underground: NU/Future

August 30, 2015

Fashion | by James Joseph

Underground has always been close to my heart. It’s a brand that seemed to define and drive dark style throughout the last two decades. Its popularisation of the creeper really helped push our aesthetic forwards.

However, always innovating, Underground have now brought something new to the table, in the form of NU/Future.

underground shoes nu future

With the split in factions from Gothic, to Goth and dark culture, fashion had a part to play in popularising our aesthetic. The ‘Health Goth’ trend actually made fashion aware of the underlying dark style culture which has been present for years, and there needed to be an answer to that, a shift in the paradigm as it was.

With NU/Future Underground have answered that shift, with a much more future forward ‘sports’ angled series of footwear. It keeps the brand values and aesthetic of Underground perfectly, whilst giving a brilliant new range to the culture.

The first model released is ‘NOX‘. Inspired by ‘the movement of sound’, which is clear by the wave form imprinted in rubber on the side of the sneaker. It’s an androgynous, bold and future-form design which we absolutely love.

underground shoes model NOX

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underground shoes model NOX