Film Review: Underworld Awakening

March 8, 2012

Film | by James Joseph

Underworld Awakening has been released, one of the most anticipated films for quite some time, and the successor of a cult trilogy. Without doubt Awakening is one of the most beautiful and exciting stories of the Underworld franchise. The film centers much more around Selene herself, and with that in mind sets off in a new direction that will surely excite and enthrall Underworld fans.

Selene has to rethink her future, her life. We see a more delicate side to her at times, as we all know, all Femme Fatale’s are strong through their own tormented minds, with hidden fragility inside. This is a sublime new dynamic, to see her in a delicate state at a few points during the film is not only refreshing, but moving.

The structure of this film was one of the most intelligent ways to keep Underworld prominent and an everlasting success. This is my interpretation, but I personally think critics have missed a huge point.

The underworld series as a trilogy was colossal, it is iconic, to make a fourth film would be incredibly difficult, something had to change. On top of that the underworld series while amazing and outstanding, is an outdated concept, there had to be changes and adaptations to keep the franchise going.

This was done by centering three main factors, the first, centering the film around the main character Selene, this time without help, on her own, almost replicating another well known film franchise. The second, time, putting the film in the present/near future was good thinking to bring it up to date. The last and perhaps most important, the introduction of “Antigen” an entity that can be used for years to come if needed. Umbrella Corporation anyone? What all of these allow for is progression, a fifth film, and if you had had the pleasure of seeing Underworld Awakening yet, you will know; there will be a fifth film.

Without doubt, a must see.