Underworld Blood Wars: Movie title announced

April 13, 2016

Film | by James Joseph

Underworld looked for a new way to name a movie title in March. The simple answer, via their Facebook page.

At the end of March the Underworld Facebook page asked fans to submit title ideas for the new movie anticipated this year. Thousands of fans commented, and today that title was announced.

The new movies will be titled Underworld Blood Wars, which if I’m imagining the way the series will play out correctly, is a pretty apt title. With Underworld Awakening leaving the door open for the future, and a colossal hint about the ‘war’ between humans and vampires, could this be the ‘blood war’ the title suggests?

The film is set to be released later this year, and as a huge Underworld fan I personally cannot wait to see just what they have come up with.

underworld blood wars