Urbanears – Headphones for the Stylish

November 12, 2010

FashionMusic | by James Joseph

Urban Ears Plattan
Urban Ears Plattan White

If you haven’t heard the name already, Urbanears create achingly cool headphones. It really is as simple as that. Somehow the brand has managed to blend fashion, style, quality and features into one hell of a piece of kit. We were dying to get our hands on a pair, so we’ve produced a FULL review.

We will come back to the aforementioned later on, but the most important item in a pair of headphones is sound. It’s alright looking hot, but if I can’t hear my 808’s from the bass line, then all is lost. Urbanears boast the usual 20hz – 20,000hz range and 112dB rating. But we were very pleasantly surprised with the results. Most competitors in this price range get very muddy in the lower frequency ranges, making basslines and bassdrums merge into a mess, but Urbanears are crisp and clean, giving a very enjoyable sound for the price.

But that is not all, for once, fashion is joined side by side with functionality. The Plattan model has some very cool features, remember the olden days of having to share an earphone with a friend if you wanted to play them something on the move? Not anymore! The Plattan has an extra headphone socket, so your friends can ‘plug in’ to your sound! Not only that, but one of our favourites, is the fact the Plattan has a built in microphone and volume remote. No need to miss your calls anymore, because these beasts can plug in to your iPhone [the headphones even come with

Urbanears Plattan Black
Urbanears Plattan Black
adapters for Nokia and Neutral Stereo].Whether you want to take the call, or shout at them for interrupting your favourite album, you simply wont miss a beat.


& Before you ask, yes, they do come in BLACK.


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