August 11, 2013

By James Joseph


Stylenoir Magazine Issue III
Publishing Date: May 11th 2014
Submission Deadline: April 1st 2013
Stylenoir Submission Guidelines // Utopia Inspiration Hashtag

The utopian dream and the dystopian nightmare have been the subject of stories for hundreds of years, and one that popular culture has thrived upon. We even saw it invent subcultures with Blade Runner holding claim to the invention of the cybergoth. With technology and ethics merging along a dark path in 2013, just what will the future look like, what will it behold?

We want to see how you take what utopia means to Stylenoir and combine it with your own interpretations and views! If you’re in need of more visual inspiration, visit the utopia inspiration tag on our tumblr which is constantly updated!