Vestal Vision Interview

June 5, 2010

FashionInterviews | by James Joseph

Vestal has supported Stylenoir Magazine from day one. Embracing a relationship from the very beginning. So when we heard, that apart from bringing us watches you would literally die for Vestal was going to launch Eyewear, we couldn’t contain our excitement. With the launch of Vestal Vision, we interviewed Derek Boucher; Vestal’s Director of Marketing. Read On . . .


SN: Apart from the obvious accessories market, what brought on the leap from watches to eyewear?
DB: We have always thought of Vestal as an overall accessories brand. Launching an eyewear program was just part of this natural evolution. We finally decided to take the leap after developing the link construction in the Vestal Plexi Watch. We started experimenting with different materials for this watch and came across Acetate, the material used in high-end eyewear manufacturing. We found a great deal of potential in this material for its strength and durability, not to mention its endless coloring options. This attraction led us straight into eyewear design.


SN: The collection is very fashion-forward, was this something that was intended from the very beginning?
DB: Yes. We knew we had to bring a unique (and competitively priced) eyewear collection to our retailers for traction out of the gates. We felt that a more fashion-forward assortment would fit the Vestal brand, as opposed to some of the higher based, sporty wrap styles. We accomplished this aesthetic by drawing most of our inspiration from prescription eyewear styles.


SN: We love the fact that the whole collection is unisex, was this consciously constructed into the aesthetics of the pieces?
DB: Everything under the Vestal umbrella, from watches to eyewear, is created to fit both men and women. Over the last few years, females have called for larger, chunkier accessories which make the unisex design process somewhat easier. We are starting to see watch & eyewear trends shrink in size a bit, but for the most part, our design process will continue to cater toward both men and women.


SN: The “De Luna” model really stands out among the collection, were these intended to be the flagship model and what was the inspiration behind the design of these?
DB: We consider the De Luna to be our signature eyewear piece. It is an acetate version of a modified aviator. The De Luna mixes construction elements (metal and acetate) while utilizing a prescription design base. We half-jokingly refer to the overall inspiration for our eyewear line as “1970’s Laurel Canyon House Parties”. Just as we do with Vestal watch design, we look to the past for inspiration. This particular time period and geography put out some interesting fashion, especially related to eyewear.


SN: Vestal has always been highly influenced by music, is this something that came into the design process with Vestal Vision?
DB: Music and musicians drive the inspiration at Vestal. We always strive to create products for the artists in our “Featured Artist” program as they are the forefront of our marketing. In reference to the “1970’s Laurel Canyon House Party” vibe, we looked to the musicians of this time and place to capture their style and then apply a more modern, Vestal feel.


SN: How does Vestal choose its artists? Is there something special that Vestal looks for in sponsoring the next big thing like Peaches or Amanda Blank?
DB: All of the bands and artists that we work with have something special, visually, about their aesthetic. They are heavily involved in their presence of style. While the music is the most important thing, we also dig bands that have a unique fashion sense. While someone like Peaches has a pretty eclectic style, it can’t be denied that she is an icon in the fashion world.


SN: Mentioning Peaches, we have heard rumours that she will be the next face of Vestal Vision, is this true? If so can you give anything away?
DB: The specific image we chose to represent Peaches in the 2010 Campaign was one in which she is not wearing eyewear. While we had an assortment of photographs with her wearing the Vestal Railways model, we decided to go without it as she had amazing makeup near her eyes that we did not want to cover up.


SN: Finally, what trends do you see developing into next years line? Are there any exciting new projects that Vestal Vision will be taking on for 2011?
DB: We have three new styles that will be available January 2011; Lynwright, Republics & Bombardier. We are keeping the same overall aesthetic but are expanding on themes within the collection. We will be moving into German made Zeiss lenses for 2011 and will continue to focus on build, quality and feel.


For more on Vestal Watches and Vestal Vision, and to see videos of Peaches, Amanda Blank and The Eagles of Death Metal head over to their website: