Celebrating Women in Horror Month: Best female directed horror movies

February 27, 2016

Film | by Jade Bailey-Dowling

To celebrate the seventh Women in Horror Month [WiHM], Jade Bailey-Downing picked the best female directed horror movies here at Stylenoir. Simply scroll down and get reading!

1. American Pyscho – Mary Hannon
Arguably one of the best horror films every made is Mary Hannon’s adaptation of the novel. One of the most debated subject in horror films is the exploitation of women and this movie shows some incredibly graphic and gruesome scenes that victimise women, which makes the prevalence of it’s female director even more important, as male directors are usually blamed for the torture porn style of modern horror.

2. American Mary – Jen and Sylvia Soska
We are huge fans of the Soska sister’s at Stylenoir. American Mary was an instant cult classic, and features the directors themselves making a cameo, which gained the film much attention. The plot is twisted and Katharine Isabelle, who also featured in Ginger Snaps’, gives a memorable creepy performance which makes this the perfect horror film for blood thirsty fans.

3. Carrie (remake) – Kimberly Peirce
Although many shunned this film in comparison to the 1970s original, Kimberly Peirce’s updated and reimagined version of Stephen King’s Carrie is far more sympathetic and gives a realistic representation of a young women’s ‘coming of age’ whilst at school. Not to discredit the original, however I feel the female direction of the remake was a more authentic, and Chloe Grace Moretz and Julianne Moore’s performances were stellar.

4. The Babadook – Jennifer Kent
This independent, low budget film received rave reviews for it’s unique take on the time old ‘horror visiting an ordinary suburban family’ theme, as seen in The Exorcist among many others, and the way it subverts many horror film clichés. Horror novel novice Stephen King stated that the film “highly disturbing and highly recommended” and if it’s good enough for him, then it is definitely one to watch!

5. Silent House – Laura Lau
Silent House, featuring Elizabeth Olsen is unique in that it is set in real time and was reportedly based on true events. It was a first for real time horror, and it was received greatly by both horror fans and film critics alike. Elizabeth Olsen’s performance is also notable, as the acting and the direction is gritty and incredibly realistic.

6. Jennifer’s Body – Directed by Karyn Kusama
Although it met some criticism, Jennifer’s Body is a tongue-in-cheek teen scream style high school horror film. Horror films very rarely have well known, let alone actually famous actors in them, however Jennifer’s Body stars a bloodied up Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried, as a possessed cheerleader and concerned geeky friend, respectively. Similarly surprising is the overt sexualisation of Fox, by a female director, appears to be satirical and makes for great viewing.

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